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The Little Musical Caravan
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Therapy Room

The Little Musical Caravan

A fun, safe space for kids aged 3-13 to explore music and discover more about themselves. As trained and experienced music therapists we can use music to support growth in a range of areas, including:

  • Exploration of identity

  • Communication and language development

  • Social development

  • Sensory and emotional regulation

  • Emotional expression

Little Musical Caravan at a school
Little Musical Caravan inside front view with instrument cabinet on the right, pink and orange cushions and guitar hanging on left wall
Back view of Little Musical Caravan with Djembe in foreground and Ted playing marching drum in background

We are disability and neurodiversity positive. Our child-led and strengths-based approach aims to help kids reach their potential. We work within children’s social contexts so that they are better understood and supported by their communities.

The Little Musical Caravan’s journey began in 2020 with the renovation of a retro 1960 caravan. The caravan itself is sound and heat insulated, with attention given to the acoustic properties inside. The colours inside and out have been chosen from an Autism-friendly palette, the LED lighting can be adjusted for colour and brightness and the interior design is simple to minimise sensory input. The caravan carries a wide range of instruments for children to explore, as well as sensory friendly items to stimulate and calm.

The Little Musical Caravan travels to host primary schools in Porirua, Greater Wellington and the Kāpiti Coast. Please get in touch if you would like to find out about whether we can visit your school! 

(Please note: We need a minimum of 4 children to visit a school.)

Mana Therapy Hub

In 2023, Mana Therapy Hub opened as a base for the Little Musical Caravan. In the Hub, we have a large music therapy room with a range of instruments, toys and sensory tools. This space allows us to work with tamariki that we can’t reach in the caravan, as well as pre-schoolers, teens and young adults.

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Music room

Mana Therapy Hub is also host to a growing number of other therapy services for children, adolescents and adults including play therapy, counselling and psychology.

Awesome Bounce: Thursday evenings

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The Little Musical Caravan has partnered with Āhuru Mōwai Trust to offer subsidised music therapy sessions at the Trust’s high sensory sessions on Thursday evenings at Awesome Bounce in Elsdon, Porirua. 

Āhuru Mōwai Trust is a charitable organisation that works to provide safe spaces for families who have ‘extra and special needs’.

We are currently offering short blocks of music therapy and ‘taster sessions’ for tamariki that are unable to access music therapy elsewhere.

Interested in partnering?

We are passionate about supporting children and young people within their social settings. If you are interested in partnering with the Little Musical Caravan to offer music therapy in another community setting, please get in touch!